Meeting announcements

Save the date! The British Society for Developmental Biology organizes the next European Developmental Biology Congress. This will take place on 25th-28th September 2023 in Oxford (and online), and, in the spirit of experimenting with more accessible, conference formats, interlinked one-day meetings in Paris (spearheaded by Sigoléne Meilhac) and Barcelona (spearheaded by Alejo Rodriguez-Fratelli) will be incorporated. 



This year BSCDB celebrated its 50th anniversary! On May 20th we celebrated with an afternoon historical and scientific symposium where young and old met and shared stories about our vibrant society!



The PhD excellence award 2022 was given to Astrid Deryckere on her thesis Neurogenesis, neural migration and differentiation in the developing octopus brain.

The next deadline for BSCDB-supported Travel Awards is December 31, 2022). For more information: