A request from PLOS: help with a research study

A message from the Public Library of Science (PLOS)

Please join us for a 90-minute interview and we’ll give you $100 for your time.

We want to learn more about how research outputs are evaluated by researchers. The study will cover a few key contexts: assessing research while serving on a hiring committee, assessing research while serving on a grant review committee, and evaluating scientific outputs for use during conceptualization, investigation, methodological design, or writing of a research project.

We’ll recruit Cell Biologists with experience serving on grant or hiring committees as well as those who are actively working on research projects and are based in the USA, UK, or Europe.

If you’d like to participate, please take this 5 min screener survey    Eligible participants will receive a $100 gift card or donation to charity.

Your stories will help us understand how we, as a Publisher working to advance Open Science, can best support you in this important work. I hope you will join us!

Louise Mayville, User Researcher |


Webinars to all BSCDB applicants

The second of three BSCDB Mechanobiology webinars will be on 4 March 2021.
We are very happy to cover by these webinars the period until the postponed BSCDB Mechanobiology meeting (28-29 October 2021). We will give the floor to PhD students and post-docs to present and discuss their most recent mechanobiology research. We count on all of you to make these webinars vibrant sessions with inspiring presentations and vivid discussions!

For more information and registration visit our webinars page here

To promote these webinars, just post the program in the coffee room of your institute, your office, your lab and share the program and registration link via social media with colleagues and friends in the field. We look forward to meet you all virtually (and Oct 28-29, 2021 in person).


10/12: BSCDB PhD Excellence Award 2020 online ceremony

The board of the BSCDB would like to invite you to attend our upcoming BSCDB webinar (December 10th, 2020) as an online ceremony to nominate the winner of the 2020 BSCDB PhD Excellence Award, which unfortunately could not take place onsite during the BSCDB Autumn meeting.

The program will be as follows:

16u00: Welcome and introduction to the BSCDB PhD-Excellence Award.

16h05: Career paths of the 2006 and 2009 BSCDB PhD-Excellence Award winners.

16h25: Announcement of the 2020 BSCDB PhD-Excellence Award.

16h30: “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated cancer modeling and identification of cancer cell vulnerabilities in Xenopus tropicalis” by Dr. Thomas Naert.

17h15: End of meeting.

You can join this webinar via the following link.



We regret to inform that the BSCDB autumn meeting on Mechanobiology is postponed by one year to 28-29 October 2021. Indeed, due to the Covid19 situation nearly 80% of all the speakers and also many attendees would not make it to be physically with us in Ghent. Under such conditions, a hybrid event will by no means create the vibrant interactive atmosphere that BSCDB always targets for. Registrations for the 20-21 meeting will be reopened in Summer 2021.

However, to cover the gap to the meeting of next year, and to give the floor to young mechanobiology scientists, we will organize 3 free Mechanobiology warming-up webinar sessions embedded in a larger BSCDB webinar series. The program and the registration links will become available October 10th on this BSCDB website. 



To stay close to the DNA of BSCDB meetings and to maximize the chemistry and interactions at a meeting, we continue to organize this BSCDB autumn meeting as a small and safe “live-only face-to-face meeting”. 

We hope to welcome all speakers and participants live (with face mask). Nonetheless, should speakers from abroad risk - in one or the other direction - a Covid19 quarantine period, then we will happily accommodate them to give a videoconferencing presentation from their home. As for the attendees, who are mostly local scientists - we go for physical attendance. Only, when there is a need to further reduce the number of attendees, we will offer “hybrid” attendance. 

Poster sessions will be replaced by e-posters, poster flash talks and face-to-face interactions (more information will be provided in acceptance letter).

There will be no extension of application the deadline (Sept 7)!



Our leading priority is always the health and safety of our guest. It is possible the Covid-19 situation will change and get worse. So please follow our flash updates on the situation.



Our leading priority is always the health and safety of our guest. It is possible the Covid-19 situation will change and get worse. So please follow our flash updates on the situation.


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