Autumn meeting 2017

Cell differentiation in normal and pathological conditions


Date: September 14-15, 2017

Venue: UCL, Woluwe Campus, Auditorium Maisin

Local organizers: Frédéric Clotman, Patrick Jacquemin, Christophe Pierreux



Aims of the meeting

Cell differentiation is a fundamental characteristic of multicellular organisms, mainly acquired during embryogenesis. It allows cells in different locations of our body to acquire different functions and is thus an essential process for generating functional organs in a functional organism. An important corollary is that cells in any organ of our body can lose their properties, i.e. de-differentiate, and subsequently re-differentiate (trans-differentiate), leading to pathological conditions. The topic of the meeting is thus important and relevant for cell and developmental biologists, but also for those working on pathologies including cancer, diabetes, degenerative and congenital diseases. Eminent cell biologists and developmental biologists, as well as young scientists will discuss recent progress in those fields.

Program available here



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August 25th 2017 - Registration autumn meeting closed

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August 25th 2017 - Registration autumn meeting closed

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