Autumn meeting 2021

Mechanobiology in Cell Biology and Developmental Biology


Three BSCDB Mechanobiology webinars will be launched! We are very happy to cover by these webinars the period until the postponed BSCDB Mechanobiology meeting (28-29 October 2021). We will give the floor to PhD students and post-docs to present and discuss their most recent mechanobiology research. We count on all of you to make these webinars vibrant sessions with inspiring presentations and vivid discussions! 

To promote these webinars, just post the program in the coffee room of your institute, your office, your lab and share the program and registration link via social media with colleagues and friends in the field. We look forward to meet you all virtually (and Oct 28-29, 2021 in person).


Date: October 29-30, 2020 postponed to 28-29 October 2021

Organizers: Liesbet Geris (ULg and KU Leuven), Elizabeth A. Jones (KU Leuven), Isabelle Migeotte (ULB), Jolanda van Hengel (UGent), An Zwijsen (KU Leuven)


Venue: Meeting Center "Het Pand" Ghent, Belgium - How to reach the place - on Google Maps


Aims of the meeting

Mechanobiology is a rapidly growing field where biologists, biomedical engineers and physicists meet to study how cells sense and respond to forces that ultimately regulate development and physiology. We have put together an exciting program of world-experts in mechanobiology for this two-day meeting, with a diverse group of speakers that cover the breadth from stem cells to organogenesis and using model systems that extend from plants to mammals and iPSCs. Speakers will showcase the impact that mechanobiology is having on our understanding of the mechanical environment affects cells, both in normal development and in disease. We want to promote community building with younger scientists and trainees and as such, this meeting specifically targets PhD students and post-docs and will focus on state-of-the-art technologies for probing mechanotransduction.

Application and abstract submission for the meeting “Mechanobiology in Cell Biology and Developmental Biology” will be open soon. Applications are welcome until September 7nd. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the number of attendees is limited and may even require further last-minute reduction. Meeting and interacting physically in a safe and secure way is our top priority.  At present, we can offer such a meeting for 80 participants (wearing a face mask). The auditorium can hold 314, as such we can ensure several empty seats between participants. Should physical participations have to drop below 50, then we will organize this meeting as a hybrid-meeting, with live and virtual participation. This flexible organization requires – uncommon for BSCDB meetings – selection of participants.

Attendees will be selected based on motivation and commitment towards active participation. Thereto, the abstract - if poster or short talk is to be presented – and a brief motivation will be reviewed. Scientific expertise related to the topic and potential impact on the meeting are a plus. Special care will also be given to inclusion of diversity and early stage researchers.  Decisions will be communicated on September 21st. Payment is only required after participant selection.

Should there be a last-minute cancellation of the meeting due to a flare-up of Covid-19 infections, then the meeting will be postponed or replaced by a virtual meeting depending on your indicated preference at registration. Your registration fee will be completely refunded. If the event were to be converted into a (hybrid) virtual format, partial refunds will be issued (except for membership).

Poster session: Normally, the poster session is an important and interactive network event at BSCDB meetings. A classic poster session, with person-to-person discussion, will not allow for proper physical distance. We are exploring alternate, equally interactive, formats and will communicate this in the future.

Sponsorship: Due to the physical distance measurements and required maximization of personal space, we will exceptionally not provide live access to sponsors. We are open to discuss alternative formats to provide company exposure to our registrants in the cell biology and developmental field. Please contact Jolanda van Hengel ( to discuss ideas and supporting options for the BSCDB-autumn-2020 meeting.


Confirmed speakers

Kristian Franze - Cambridge – UK
Sylvain Gabriele – Umons - BE
George Halder - Leuven - BE
Takashi Hiiragi - Heidelberg - DE
Benoit Ladoux - Paris - FR
Sandra Loerakker – Eindhoven - NL
Alfonso Martinez-Arias – Cambridge – UK
Jan Traas - Lyon – FR
Kim van der Heiden - Rotterdam – NL
Julien Vermot – Strasbourg – FR

September 7: deadline application and abstract submission.

September 21: notification of acceptance and selection of short communications.

October 1: complete registration and payment (25€ membership BSCDB and 75€ registration for 2 days. This fee includes coffee and lunches).


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