Spring Meeting 2018


Neural stem cells and cortex development


Date: June 8th 2018

Venue: Château de Colonster, Liège

Local organizers: Laurent Nguyen, Eric Bellefroid, Eve Seuntjens, Bernard Lakaye

Contact: Laurent Nguyen (lnguyen@uliege.be), Bernard Lakaye (B.Lakaye@uliege.be)


Aim of the meeting

The cerebral cortex is an evolved layered structure that provides the biological substrate for processing sensory information, motor function, sensation, language processing and cognitive capacity. Therefore understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulates cell number and diversity, migration and circuit assembly is critical to shed light into cortical development in health and disease.
The topics covered by the meeting are ranging from stem cell research and neurogenesis to brain wiring. Outstanding speakers from USA and Europe will give exciting talks for broad audience. All attendees will have the opportunity to present their work in poster format. Ten abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and poster teaser.

Program available here

Abstract book available here


Confirmed speakers

Sonia Garel (Paris)

Troy Ghashgaei (North Carolina)

Magdalena Götz (Munich)

Simon Hippenmeyer (Klosterneuburg)

Franck Polleux (New York)

Setsuko Sahara (London)





Deadline for abstract submission:

May 24, 2018 - Register here

category Registration fee

PhD student and postdoc

(includes 25 € BSCDB 2018 membership)

€ 75

PhD student and postdoc

(already BSCDB 2018 member)

€ 50


Principal investigator

(includes 25 € BSCDB 2018 membership)

€ 100

Principal investigator

(already BSCDB 2018 member)

€ 75



Payment information

Please transfer the amount indicated in the registration mail by bank transfer to:

  • IBAN: BE81 3630 4266 8724
  • Reference: Name, surname, affiliation

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